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Interval options (Time)

Interval Options

On 4mins x 6 rounds of:

Option 1: Rowing Intervals

500m row

Option 2: Running Intervals

400m Run

Option 3: Bike Intervals

1,000m Bike

Notes: Athletes will have the option to choose One of the above movements for our 24mins of Intervals. The idea is to pick whatever movement we think needs the most work, not the one we think we will perform the best in.
The idea today is to have each interval consistent. How we can tell is by ensuring that athletes record our slowest round and fastest round trying to have not much difference between them. Further, if we find our slowest round is earlier in the interval series than their fastest round, we know we are building pace, rather than the other way around where we are crashing and burning. In order to push lactate threshold, this is what we want to accomplish for today.