On 1min x 20mins

15/12 Cal Row
15/12 Cal Bike
CFO Class: MetCon

For time:

150′ Double DB front rack lunges

3 rounds of
20 push press 95/65lbs
20 shuttle runs 25′

150′ Double DB front rack lunges

DB’s = 50/35lbs

Today we get gritty with this one. A buy in and cash out of DB lunges with 3 rounds of the couplet push press and shuttle runs. We are going to fatigue the rack position right out of the gate with the DB lunges, so we can expect not to be fresh for the push press. Nonetheless, pacing this couplet too much will be a mistake, we need to be able to push for unbroken reps on the barbell and try to push the pace on the run too because these movements are very opposing. On the push press we should focus on relaxing the grip on the bar in order to tell the body to use as much legs as possible. On the shuttle runs we should be ‘driving’ hard off the line on the turn around with smooth strides through the middle. Coming into the final set of lunges, this is the grind. Don’t hesitate, we should be ready to pick those DB’s up right away and finish strong.

6 x 3 position snatch 60%

Hips, Knees, Floor
Accessory, Upper

3 sets
20 Bent over DB Row unbroken
20 Push-ups