4 x 2 Push press @ AHAP

CFO Class: Snatch

1RM Snatch

Three attempts

This will be the focal point of today, establishing our 1RM. Athletes should remember that the technique work is behind us, we want to establish a set-up routine, how we address the bar should be the exact same every time. It doesn’t matter how, it just matters that it clears our heads so we are not thinking too much. Having one simple cue to focus on usually helps, like “tight” or “strong from the floor” or “speed through the middle” or “punch” if you are thinking of a cue, there are two requirements: 1. It adds value to your lift, 2. It clears your head of everything else. Let’s focus on one thing and do it really friggen well today!
CFO Class: MetCon

“CrossFit Games Open 12.1”

AMRAP 7min:


We saw this in the open in 2012 and we haven’t programmed it much if at all. We are simply doing this workout because it fits nicely in this spot to balance out the week. Nonetheless, we should take the opportunity to record our scores and see what we can do!

For time:
2Km row