Gymnastics Power

On 2mins x 10mins

3 Weighted strict ring dips
Gymnastics Strength

4 sets
8-10 Strict pull-ups
CFO Class: MetCon

For Time:

60 Cal Row
50 Sandbag carries- 25ft
50 Burpees to a 6″ target
40 Cal Bike

endurance biased workout today, but with more emphasis on actual endurance movements like the row and bike with some grunt work between. The best strategies will be to have athletes come off the rower ready to pick that sandbag up right away and just keep moving. We should be thinking about the cost/benefit of putting their sandbags down and only putting the bags down if we know that the benefit outweighs the cost. When we get to the burpees, breathe, at this point it is all in your head, you can always do another burpee, just get back down on the floor. This brings us to the final bike, being the last movement in the workout athletes can look to push the pace a bit more than usual but it will be better to feel the pace build rather than go hard out the back door and hit a wall before the 20 cal mark. Go hard here, we are done after this.
Post Chain Accessory

5 sets
6/6 Bulgarian Deadlifts
8/8 Single leg BB weighted glute bridge
Interval Conditioning

1min on/2min off x 7 rounds:

Cal Ski

*During the 2min rest, every 15s complete 4 alternating jumping lunges starting on the 0