On 2mins x 16mins:
2 Low hang power snatch + 2 Low hang squat snatch @ 40%
Weightlifting Technique

4 x 4 Snatch to plates @ 30%
Weightlifting Accessory

4 sets
4 sotts press
10 Bulgarian Split squats
CFO Class: MetCon

In teams of 2 or 3, going round for round, complete as many total reps as possible in 25mins of:

3 Wallballs 20/14lbs
3 Burpee box jump overs 24/20″
3 Kettlebell swings 50/35lbs

Going up by 3 repetitions each round until the 25min mark

A fun holiday Team workout. Get together and have some fun with this one and push each other. Athletes will perform the rounds of 3, one teammate doing an entire round before subbing the next athlete in, one athlete working at a time. Once all teammates have completed the round of 3, the team can then go onto the round of 6. The nature of this workout will have us thinking it is very easy for the first 5mins, after that it will get real, real quick.
Upper body Accessory

5 sets
10 ring rows
10 push-ups