EMOM x 5 rounds

Min 1
3-4 rope climbs
Min 2
10 GHD sit-ups
CFO Class: Weightlifting Benchmark

“CFO Lynn”

5 sets of:
Max rep Bench press @ 75%
Max rep Strict pull-ups

A strength workout to facilitate our volume phase of the cycle. We should attempt to accumulate as many reps as possible accross the five sets, the best way to do this is to NOT go to complete failure in the first few sets. We should be able to hit north of 10 reps on each movement for the entire five sets, but stopping just short of failure for the first few will help us stay consistent throughout.
Gymnastics Accessory

6 sets

12 pike pulls on the rower
10 Straight arm banded lat pull-downs
30s GHD w hold
Aerobic Conditioning

4 rounds
40 cal row
30 step ups 24/20″
20 cal bike
Midline Accessory

5 x 5 Dragon flies