Crossfit Oshawa – CrossFit

Gymnastics cycling (AMRAP – Reps)

As many reps as possible in 8mins of:

Strict handstand push-ups

*Every break 50 double unders
A little conditioning added in today’s gymnastics cycling. Although our reps will decrease each set, we are looking to simply avoid burnout and keep sets as consistent as possible throughout the 8mins.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

As many rounds as possible in 25mins of:

40 Box jump overs 24/20″

50 ft right arm overhead walking lunge

50ft left arm overhead walking lunge

20 Power cleans 135/95lbs
We will be spending a lot of time today on each movement with a longer rep scheme, settling into a rhythm is key to not overthinking where you are at within the workout. Athletes tend to over think banking reps in workouts like this, we get ahead of ourselves and think “if I only can get the round done in x amount of time, i can beat x score on the whiteboard.” Rather than the “if only” approach, our performance and enjoyment will be much better with a “i will” approach. “I will go at a pace where I can breathe rep to rep and never stop moving.” Long workouts reward consistency not speed.