Gymnastics Conditioning

EMOM x 6
2-6 Bar muscle ups

right into

EMOM x 6
15/12 Cal Row

right into

EMOM x 6
2-6 Bar muscle ups

The goal on this is to figure out where you faulter, if your reps are better in the first EMOM we need to work on our gymnastics stamina. If they are better in the second EMOM we are overthinking our movement patterns. It is imperitive to keep our reps consistent throughout this whole training piece.
Gymnastics Strength

a) 6 x 3 Weighted strict pull-ups, ascending
b) 6 x 3 Weighted strict ring dips, ascending
CFO Class: Max Effort Strength

Back Squat

Build to a heavy Cluster set

2 + 1 reps

Despite our last cluster set that was built for volume, today’s is built for max efforts.
CFO Class: MetCon

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:

Wallballs 20/14lbs

A long distance Fran, athletes will need to think about pacing on this workout. In our overall approach we are looking for athletes to manage the rest not the reps, a focus on keeping rests short should allow us to keep moving on this workout rather than be hung up on a certain amount of reps and having to rest for longer periods. On the pull-ups athletes should think about being long and tight, pushing horizontally on the bar to generate momentum, not kicking the feet. On the wallballs athletes should ensure that we are keeping our legs driving and our upper body relaxed to attempt to allow the lower half to do most of the work here. Have fun with it and push hard!

5 x 6/6 Half kneeling landmine press
Power Conditioning

6 sets
20s Max wattage row
4 Max height box jumps
25ft heavy sled push

Rest as needed