Crossfit Oshawa – CrossFit

Snatch (E2MOM for 10 minutes)

Hang Snatch (Mid-Hang)

1 Power

2 Squat

A focus on hip extension is usually the case when we see a power snatch before a squat snatch. Sometimes athletes have the tendency to sacrifice their extension in order to gain speed in their pull under. Today we want the warm-up drills to carry over a hip extension emphasis to the power snatch and then then squat snatch.

Here is a short video with a great hip contact explanation:


2 sets of 12-9-6, each for time

Metcon (Time)

At 0:00



Row 15 cals

Metcon (Time)

At 7:00


Burpee over erg

Row 15 cals
Today’s MetCon should be obvious that we are looking for faster paces and unbroken efforts, when introducing scaling options this stimulus should be our goal. This MetCon is set up to go out very hard in the first part, see if we can recover, and hang on during the second part. The row pace should be consistent between the two parts, consistently hard! The toes to bar should be unbroken and fast with the burpees over the erg more paced.

Metcon (No Measure)

Conditioning, interval accessory


On the machine of your choice

4 sets

4 rounds

20 seconds sprint

40 seconds recover speed

Rest 3 minutes between sets