On 1min until failure:

2 Power cleans


Start at 80% and add 10/5 lbs per min.
CFO Class: MetCon

For time:

2,000m Row
4,000m Bike
2 Mile Run

Yesterday we had very similar movements involved, but the implementation could not be more different. This is a great example of the constant variance we often see built within this program, using the same movements. Today is a workout that we need to be smart with pacing, if we go out on the rower at a 2Km pace we will have nothing left for the rest, athletes are encouraged to find a pace that allows them to hit the next movement with a decent effort.
Gymnastics Strength

6 sets

6-8 Russian Dips
8 Seated pin press
Midline Accessory

7 sets

7 Weighted GHD sit-ups
20s GHD sit-up iso hold
7 GHD sit-ups