Clean & Jerk

6 sets:

2 segmented cleans + 2 Pause jerks*

*Pausing at the dip and the catch
CFO Class: Strength

5 x 5 Bench press

Introducing a classic 5×5 for our strength preparations and our future strength cycle. Remember, “this aint about no whiteboard score.” Using proper mechanics with a focus on strength development will be better in the long run. We want to pull the bar down to our chests, staying on tension and pausing there for a split second rather than bouncing the bar. This method will definitely decrease the weight on the bar.
CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 10mins of:

3 Devils press 50/35lbs
25ft Dumbbell walking lunge 50/35lbs

Now we are getting into some higher intensity, with a high octane 10min amrap and the infamous devils press. We will go over the devils press and have some practice time before our wod prep today. Using the same DB’s for each movement in today’s couplet, we can expect things to get spicy very quickly. A general approach today would be planned transition rests to enure everything remains unbroken, we want to see athletes being as consistent as possible with the length of time of our rests in transition. Clock management will be key here.
Shoulder Protocol 2

3 sets

8/8 DB Ext Rotation
12 Prone Snow Angles 5/2.5lbs
12 Banded Straight Arm PullDowns
20s Handstand Hold

2 rounds of:
1,000m Row
2,000m Bike
Rest 3mins
Midback Accessory

6 x 6/6 Trap 3 raises