Snatch, technical

Paused snatch pull*

5 x 3 @light

*2 seconds mid tigh

5 sets
5 snatch deadlift
5 power snatch
5 overhead squat
CFO Class: Strength

Unilateral, static

3 sets
5/5 weighted DB step ups
10/10 weighted pistols
30s/30s Airplane hold
3/3 Turkish get-ups

Working back and forth today between unilateral and static movements, with a general focus on lower body pull and push with some shoudler stability. These movements are intentional and we want to see athletes moving well, there is no scoring, so the goal and the benefit lies in the quality in which we are moving.
CFO Class: MetCon


For total reps with 1min on each movement x 4 rounds of:

Bench press @ BW/0.7xBW
Sumo Deadlift @ BW x 1.5
Cal Bike

Accumulating reps today in a strength workout where we are working back and forth between simple, basic strength building movements and flirting with our threshold over 1min on the bike. Because of the built in rest we have the opportunity to hit the bike very hard, making for the later rounds of bench and deads difficult. The goal here is to see how we can sustain reps in a fairly fatigued state.
Post chain, upperbody accessory

5 sets

50ft silver back swings
5/5 Kb strict press