Weightlifitng Technique

5 x 3 Tall snatch + 3 High hang snatch @ 30-40%
CFO Class: Snatch

7 x 3 Halting Snatch deadlifts + 3 Hang snatch + 3 Overhead squats
@ 70-75%

Looking for straight bar path and loaded legs. The halting snatch deads should force athletes into a loaded position, chests as far away from the barbell as possible, accumulating tension through the legs as we stand. The hang snatch looking to get back to that same loaded position as we had at the top of the halting snatch dead. Looking for quick turnover on the bar The OHS we will experience some fatigue in the legs and shoulder stability, fighting to keep the scaps retracted is a must here.
CFO Class: MetCon

For time:

75 Snatch 75/55lbs
50 Alternating DB Snatch 50/35lbs
25 Burpee Box jump overs 24/20″

A triplet chipper where we will have to be smart about the integrity of our mechanics. Going from the BB snatch to the DB snatch, two aggressive but lighter lower body pulls, we have very similar body functions happening here. Best practices here will be to pace this not as separate movements at 75 and 50 reps, but as 125 reps of the same motor pattern respectively. Then when we get to the burpee box jump overs the wheels can almost come off. 25 reps seems a lot better than 125, but we should be steady fast on this, not aggressively fast.
Interval Conditioning

5 rounds

15 cal ski
90s rest
10 cal bike
2min rest
Post Chain Accessory

3 sets

6 Glute ham raises
12 Reverse hypers @ Tempo 3.0.X.0