CFO Class


“The Bowles Complex”

For max load:

7 Hang Cleans + 5 Front squats + 3 Push Jerks

Having some fun before we max out this weekend. This complex can be devistating, athletes really only get one shot at this because when we make a valid attempt, it fries us. Athletes, choose your weights wisely.


For time:

21 Back squats 185/135lbs
21 Deficit Handstand push-ups 4/2″
15 Front squats 185/135lbs
15 Deficit Handstand push-ups 4/2″
9 Overhead squats 185/135lbs
9 Deficit Handstand push-ups 4/2″

Today is a bit of a play off last weeks gymnastic progression, but with a squat progression. This one is about sustaining strong reps, especially as the squats become tougher in complexity, athletes will have to become tougher mentally. A workout where every rep should be a challenge keeping athletes fighting for every inch.

Gymnastics Conditioning

For time:

27-21-15-9 reps of:
Cal Row
Alternating with:
7 bar muscle ups

Posterier Chain Protocol 2

3 sets of:

6 Glute/Ham raises
8 Weighted Bulgarian split squat/leg, Back rack- Demo Video
12 Romanian Deadlifts