3 sets

3 Explosive Russian dips
5 Hips to rings
7 Pike pulls
CFO Class: Gymnastics Conditioning

EMOM x 6

Min 1-
12/9 Cal Row
Min 2-
3 Band resisted ring dips

*We should be getting plenty of rest within this 12min EMOM, power outputs should remain high.

3 rounds of:

AMRAP 2mins

6 Front squats @ 70%
4 Box jumps 42/32″
1 Rope climb

3min Rest

*Continue where you left off each set for one overall score. Note your front squat load in the score.

Looking to stay consistent between the three 2min interval amraps. Our rep cycle speed should remain high until the end with the 3min rest. Front squats; we are looking to stay tall on the way down and drive up through the bar with a massive amount of speed. Box jumps; we need to be careful on the way down but find a rythm, we should expect the front squat should take some power away from these. The rope climb being the only upper body movement we have, we want to attack thinking fast hands up the rope.
Conditioning Intervals

8 x Max wattage on the rower in 10 strokes
2min Rest
Shoulder Accessory

3 sets
10/10 single arm banded angel
10 banded chest rows