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CFO Class: Snatch

E2MOM x 8

Set 1-2 Snatch 1 @ 85%

Set 2-4 Snatch 1 @ 90%

Set 5 Snatch 1 @ 87%

Set 6 Snatch 1 @ 90%

Set 7-8 Snatch 1 @ 92%+
As part of our maximal effort week, we are incorporating a wave progression. Athletes will lift up to 90% then back down to 87% then progressing up to 92%+

Athletes should make sure that if they have a recent pr we are basing our percentages off of 90% of our recent 1RM. If we are using an old pr that we are confident with we are just going to use that exact number.

The purpose of the wave progression is to break through plateau’s. We all get plateau’s and the wave method is a great way to utilize in our training for the body to adapt more easily to a heavy load. Think of it like sticking your toes in extremely hot water, if we want to be comfortable enough to get all the way in we need to stick the toes in and back out multiple times before the same temperature seems cooler and more comfortable. This is how a wave progression works biologically, the temperature, or loads in our case stay the same but the body productively adapts to the stress.

Metcon (Time)

CFO Class: MetCon

E3MOM x 4 for best round time of:

21 Kettlebell swings

15 Cal Row

9 Burpees
Coming off the complexity of the snatch, we are hitting this high intensity “MetCon Max Effort” Triplet. We have simpler movements with similar movement patterns to the snatch as sort of an accessory to the snatch but also a way to get in some interval training in our max effort week. We should be able to give our full efforts each round attempting to best our time each and every round, recording our actual best time in one of the given rounds.