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CFO Class: Weightlifting

EMOM x 10

2 position squat clean @ 60%
Working the positions of the clean today. At this lighter percentage, we should be taking advantage of the opportunity to dial in our technique. Deload weeks are great for this. We have been giving actionable macro cuing and areas of focus lately, today we want to leave a blank slate for athletes to work on something they have been cued on recently.

Metcon (Time)

4 rounds for time of:

150′ Farmers Carry 2×70/50lbs

20/18 cal Machine
A nasty high intensity couplet, a deload week with a punch!

We should make sure we are always moving in this one, if we ever find ourselves at rest we went too hard on the rower. Breathing can be difficult on sandbag carries, therefore we should focus on shallow breaths, pulling the sandbag tight to our abs. When we are relaxed this will inhibit breathing, but if we push back out against the sandbag with our abs we will create tension and strength.