Most of the time the money in this industry is spent on supplements and quick fixes, when the most crucial step is making a lifestyle change that supports healthy behaviours. Most athletes don’t realize just how important nutrition is with regards to fitness. Fitness on a whole is largely about lifestyle, not just working out.


Use your legs! When athletes are first introduced to the snatch and clean & jerk, they see mainly arms. The reality is that it’s not a pull with the arms, its rather a push with the legs that generates the force required to lift the weight effectively. 


Don’t be afraid to fail, keep pushing yourself. When the future you looks back at the old you, you will surprise yourself with how far you have come. When we first start something it can be discouraging but it quickly becomes something you can be proud of because you can do some pretty cool things. Staying consistent through the rough days is key to getting there.

Whether you’re first starting out, a year into it, a veteran, or a games athlete, you should own your goals and your progress. It’s tough to come in brand new and not feel out of place a little bit, not as strong, not as fit, too old, too small, ect.. But if you are coachable, apply what we teach you, you will see more than progress, you will see fulfillment in yourself which comes before success. Putting things into perspective to where you came from goes a long way towards keeping you on track when feeling discouraged.

But, most importantly, we should enjoy what we do! This stuff can be really fun if we allow it to be. Take every warm-up, workout, skill work, and even your failures and make the best out of it. We should realize that anything can be fun, we are the ones who make it so or not.

Build with purpose, execute with virtuosity, in the name of human performance.